Training Tuesday – HAPPY NYE!


Training Tuesday Treadmill Run- 9 mile 10 minute warm up 8x :30 strides from 6:00 down to 5:40 40 minute tempo run 150-160 HR at 1% grade 5 minute cool down 2hr ride 30 minutes warm up 60 minutes of hill riding working on cadence with some spikes in power 30 min spin home 4500yd swim MS: 12×150 on 1:50 … Read More

Training Tuesday


2hr ride- Climbing Session 30 minute warm up 6×20 seconds at 100 RPM with 1 min rest in between Two rounds on a steady climb of: 2 min 80 RPM seated 2 min gear that feels best seated 2 min gear that feels best standing 90 seconds 74-78 RPM 90 seconds 68-74 RPM 1 min easy…….and then repeat, so a … Read More

Training Tuesday!


I am going to start posting my training every Tuesday to keep things fun ! Here is the first one. 8:00 AM-11:00AM 3hr steady ride on TT bike with 90min in aero position. Focusing a lot on activating the glutes and core. I rode with a guy so the pace stays honest. 2:00PM-3:15PM 10mi hill run on dirt trails focusing … Read More



This time of the year I find myself just going through the motions in training. I spend most of my sessions disregarding the Garmin and focusing more on fixing some technique flaws. I was doing a long ride with one of my training partners and we were discussing training verses racing. So many professionals come in and out and we … Read More

2013 Thank You!


Leave no stone unturned has been used since the mid 1500s in its present form to mean that one will try every possible means to get the desired result. In other words, make every possible effort, use every possible resource, and search every possible location. 2013 went by so fast. I feel like I spent most of the year in … Read More

Rev3 FL Preview


On Sunday I will be competing in my last race of 2013 in Sarasota, FL. Last year I went into this race with the opportunity of winning the entire Rev3 series if I won the final event; however, I bonked epically and had my worst result of the year. Oops! Going into the race this weekend I have outlined a … Read More