Dick Batchelor Charity 5k at Universal Studios


This morning I ran a 5k race that went through Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. It was really awesome to run through Hogsmead in the Harry Potter section of Islands of Adventure. My training partners Jake Rhyner and Dan Hedgecock joined me and we all had such a good time. We originally went because it looked to be a pretty chill race with sweet prizes…Year passes to Universal, Oakleys, giftcards. We pulled up to the parking garage and parked right next to the Hanson Brooks Running Team van. Fail. This was not going to be a cherry picker 5k.

The 3 of us warmed up in the parking garage because they would not let us into the park until 10min before race start. This was different but got the job done.

I ran in 2nd place behind a Brooks running team member, Neely Spence. She is a sub 15:30 5km runner and is training for Rio. I love talking with real runners and getting to know things they do differently than triathletes.

Anyways, I ended up 2nd and was really happy with my time after a 3 week hard training block. The results and my Garmin Connect file are listed below:


Garmin Connect file 

*the times are different because I ran until 3.1 on my Garmin 910XT.