Good Eats

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This blog is everything nutrition. From what is on my shopping list to the types of calories I consume in a race.

January 1st has finally come and this means time for focus. I had 6 weeks of slack time where I ate and drank pretty much whatever I wanted. I felt like I had to have some late wine (or vodka) nights so that it was completely 110% out of my system once J 1 hit. Well…it is gone. I got to spend that time with friends from college at football games, weddings, and parties. It is funny because during this past season I felt like I was missing out on my early 20’s. Skipping out on “fun” because I am in bed at 9:30pm or traveling every weekend to races. Everything is extremely regimented: diet, recovery time, workout specificity, fluid intake, sleeping habits, time away from family and friends. The job never ends. Every decision I make impacts my results. This “off season”, I actually realized I missed my strict G-rated life. Triathlon is what I want to be doing right now. It truly makes me so happy. To be successful you HAVE to nail the little things. Or you will just be average. And who wants to do something and just be average? I’ll pass. With some guidence from Cliff English, 2013 is going to be good awesome.

What is gluten? Don’t ask me.

For one year I have been gluten free. My friend and fellow competitor, Alicia Kaye, mentioned it to me a while ago and I hopped on the bandwagon. This has become a common trend among endurance athletes. I do not have an allergy to gluten, nor do I really know exactly why it is “better”. Over the holidays I was away from the normal crowd and people kept asking me why I was gluten free. Some were even giving me a hard time about it…saying it was stupid. Honestly, I am gluten free because I feel better training, racing, and simply living without wheat. I do not have a scientific reason. However, I am currently reading Wheat Belly by William Davis to self educate myself so that maybe next year I will have some scientific facts to fire back with. Until then…you will not find any gluten near me!

My typical grocery list

I try to keep the rule “if you want to eat then you have to cook it”. Pretty much everything I consume has to be prepared. This keeps me from grazing on snacks. If I snack then it is on almonds or carrots and hummus. I probably eat way too many almonds…I will eventually count how many I eat in one day. Sara McLarty said they are 7 cal apiece. I am too nervous to look for myself, so I am just going with it.

The normals (aka I have every day)
Oats Every single morning I make ½ cup of Trader Joes GF Old Fashioned Oats (that my mom mails me since we do not have a TJ) on the stove with ½ banana, blueberries, salt, cinnamon, and 1 scoop of homemade peanut butter.

Recovery shake 1 cup of light almond milk unsweetened, 1 frozen banana (makes the shake thicker if frozen), handful of kale, 1-2 scoops of First Endurance Ultragen Cappuccino, 5 ice cubes, handful of espresso beans. Blend it up and drink. It is better with a straw…but it is a milkshake that you don’t feel guilty for having!

Nespresso Coffee A very generous friend gave me a nespresso machine and it is the reason I wake up in the mornings. Not really…but it is on a whole different level when it comes to coffee. I have 1-2 every morning with warm light soy vanilla milk.

Race weekend nutrition 

Day before the race:

Breakfast- when I travel to races I pack my own breakfast. I really do not like trying new things when it comes to racing, so I bring my gluten free rolled oats with salt and cinnamon. I also have several cups of coffee with soy milk. I also take 2 First Endurance Multi V vitamins and 3 Optygen HP pills.

Lunch- I keep lunch pretty light. I hate feeling full or bloated the day before a race. I usually try to find a Whole Foods in the area and I have a nice quinoa salad or a salad with chicken. I sip on a bottle of First Endurance Fruit Punch EFS throughout the day as well. If it is going to be a hot race, I add some salt tabs.

Dinner- I try and eat early around 6:30pm. I am 95% gluten free; however, the night before a race I ALWAYS have pizza. The times I have not had pizza and tried to be “healthy” I have had terrible races. Therefore, I stick with the pizza. I try to usually get something with chicken and veggies. Not too much garlic though, makes me feel gross. Before bed I will have another bottle of EFS and maybe some decaf chai tea with soy milk.

Race day:

Breakfast- gluten free rolled oats with salt, cinnamon, and half of a banana. Coffee with soy milk and I also take 2 Multi V vitamins and 3 Optygen HP pills. On the way to the race I will sip on a bottle of Fruit Punch EFS (1 scoop).

Pre-swim- I will have a mixture of 100calories of liquid shot, 1 scoop of First Endurance pre race, and water in a flask 5 min before the start.

On the bike- On my bike I will have in my aero bottle 2 scoops of Fruit Punch EFS and a half scoop of pre race (mixed with water). In the bottle on my down tube I will have just water (if I carry 2 bottles).

On the run- I usually hold a First Endurance Kona Mocha liquid shot flask just in case, but I rarely use it. If I am dragging, then I will have a small amount just to feel the sugar rush. I will grab water at the aid stations if necessary.

Immediately after the race- 1 scoop of cappuccino Ultragen with water for recovery