2013 Thank You!


Leave no stone unturned has been used since the mid 1500s in its present form to mean that one will try every possible means to get the desired result. In other words, make every possible effort, use every possible resource, and search every possible location.

2013 went by so fast. I feel like I spent most of the year in airports to be honest. I ended up doing 19 races, moving across the country, and having coaching changes. I am very grateful to have stayed healthy all year and have consistent results from March-November. I credit every single one of my successes to the team I have built around me. This year was very lonely for me, as I was home with my family for a total of 4 days all year. Fortunately, I was able to build an incredible team around the country and each person helped me get through the year in their own unique way.

Even though I exceeded my expectations this year on paper, I feel like I wasted too much time worrying about things I did not/ could not have instead of enjoying the things right in front of me and using the resources I already had.

I will go into 2014 focusing on growth as an individual on a personal level as well as my athletic goals. My goal for next year is to be aggressive and ready to race anyone on any day regardless of the obstacles I have in front of me.

Thank you to everyone who follows my journey and has been there through the good and bad times.

My Parents & family
My incredible sponsors for the continued support
John Jones- my incredible manager who deals with my moods
Cortney Martin- thank you for the PR help
Joe Santos- my cycling everything
Charlie Patten- thank you for professionalism help
Sara McLarty- my favorite training partner and advice giver
Maria Arredono- thank you for taking care of my body
Doug Friman- thank you for your guidance in becoming a better person
Gerry Mihalick- thank you for managing my finances and making me become a grown up
Dave Nelson- for entertainment and fixing me up
Tom Danielson- for teaching me about sponsorships and how to become a cyclist
Doug Weiss- for bringing me back to earth when things go wrong
Jimmy Riccitello- For making me laugh and teaching me the rules 🙂
Michelle & Tony- for being my FL parents
Dave & Gail- for being my CO parents
Cindy & Tim- for being my AZ parents
Shelley Marks- for girl time
Taylor Cooke- for listening to me when homesick
Brian Cornelius- for the 800 Mt Lemmons intervals
Megan Bullock- for being my personal nurse
Ashley Bird- for happy hours and fashion advice
Mo Huber – for your closet
Amy and Jesse- for waiting on me when I show up late to runs
Neil Stewart- for getting my bike race ready