Rev3 FL Preview


Rev3 Crew!

On Sunday I will be competing in my last race of 2013 in Sarasota, FL. Last year I went into this race with the opportunity of winning the entire Rev3 series if I won the final event; however, I bonked epically and had my worst result of the year. Oops! Going into the race this weekend I have outlined a few things I will do differently so that I can put myself in the best position for a good result.

• The 48 hours leading up to the race, I will make sure to take salt tabs and also sip on First Endurance EFS through the days so that my electrolyte levels are high enough to get me through the hot and humid conditions.

• Incorporate some fat into my pre race meal as well as into breakfast before the race so that I have some slow burning fuel to last me throughout the event.

• In T1 I will have a bottle with EFS and water to chug immediately before getting on the bike.

• The first 40k of the bike I will hold back a little unlike the last 2 half distance races I have competed in. My goal is to negative split the bike portion this year.

• I will make sure to have 100 calories every 30 min on the bike to avoid dizziness and to drink a bottle an hour.

• In T2 I will grab a bottle and drink it during the first mile of the run (practice this in training before doing in a race).

• I will run with a First Endurance Liquid Shot flask mixed with water and Pre Race. Even if I do not feel like I need it, I will take a sip every mile on the run.

• The last 10k of the run I will push as hard as I can and pretend it is an Olympic distance race.

Hopefully with these changes I will have a successful final race of 2013. I encourage anyone else racing this weekend to try some of these things. I am so excited to spend the weekend with the Rev3 family, my family and friends, and with my competitors out on the course! Thanks to all of my sponsors for getting me to the start line for the final race of an incredible year. Happy racing everyone!!!