Training Tuesday – HAPPY NYE!


Training Tuesday Treadmill Run- 9 mile 10 minute warm up 8x :30 strides from 6:00 down to 5:40 40 minute tempo run 150-160 HR at 1% grade 5 minute cool down 2hr ride 30 minutes warm up 60 minutes of hill riding working on cadence with some spikes in power 30 min spin home 4500yd swim MS: 12×150 on 1:50 … Read More

Training Tuesday


2hr ride- Climbing Session 30 minute warm up 6×20 seconds at 100 RPM with 1 min rest in between Two rounds on a steady climb of: 2 min 80 RPM seated 2 min gear that feels best seated 2 min gear that feels best standing 90 seconds 74-78 RPM 90 seconds 68-74 RPM 1 min easy…….and then repeat, so a … Read More

Training Tuesday!


I am going to start posting my training every Tuesday to keep things fun ! Here is the first one. 8:00 AM-11:00AM 3hr steady ride on TT bike with 90min in aero position. Focusing a lot on activating the glutes and core. I rode with a guy so the pace stays honest. 2:00PM-3:15PM 10mi hill run on dirt trails focusing … Read More



This time of the year I find myself just going through the motions in training. I spend most of my sessions disregarding the Garmin and focusing more on fixing some technique flaws. I was doing a long ride with one of my training partners and we were discussing training verses racing. So many professionals come in and out and we … Read More