Training Tuesday- in Boulder!


Sorry everyone for not posting last week. I had just moved to Boulder and my training was not worthy of being posted. I think last Tuesday it was 14x1hr drive in the car from Tucson to Boulder. Thankfully, my mom flew out and did the drive for me (love you Mom!). My life would not be nearly as great as … Read More

Treadmill Workouts for Winter


Here are a few of my favorite treadmill workouts to keep you busy while its snowy outside! Enjoy! Workout #1 10 min warm up 8x:30 @ 5k pace with :30 rest (stand on side of treadmill, keep the pace at 7min) 2x (2mile at half marathon pace- 3 min easy jog- 1 mi at 10k pace – 8 min jog … Read More

Choosing the right partnerships


Success comes to those who are noticed for their ideas or achievements. In sport, success goes hand in hand with winning. I am in a profession where I am evaluated on my performances in races. There are a little over 300 professional triathletes in the United States all fighting for the same prize- to win races and to be noticed … Read More