Training Tuesday- in Boulder!


Sorry everyone for not posting last week. I had just moved to Boulder and my training was not worthy of being posted. I think last Tuesday it was 14x1hr drive in the car from Tucson to Boulder. Thankfully, my mom flew out and did the drive for me (love you Mom!). My life would not be nearly as great as it is if I did not have the support and love I get from my parents. I encourage everyone to give your mom and dad a hug today..physically or electronically.

Anyways– here you go. Training Tuesday in Boulder, CO.

12 mi trail run descending effort out at the Boulder Reservoir.

4500m swim at Flatirons Athletic Club with Dave Scott… main set 5 rounds of … 2x 125 LT 4×50 fast with stroke count same as LT.

2hr trainer ride with 4×15 min with specific cadence changes around 70.3watts.

Lastly, a giant burger with awesome training partners. Happy Tuesday everyone!