Beating Performance with Beet Perfomer



With co-owner George Pappas of Beet Performer at BolderBOULDER

I have been including beet juice in my diet since 2013. I originally started eating beets in 2012 just because I liked them and I had never had them growing up. I occasionally would juice beets but to be honest it was too messy and time consuming. In 2013, at Rev3 Knoxville, I met Doug Weiss of Beet Performer at the expo. He explained why beet juice could improve my performance and let me try his product. I was shocked! I was only drinking it at that time because I liked it. Little did I know, if used properly, my racing could benefit from drinking beet juice.

Beet juice contains a large amount of inorganic nitrates. Nitrates are made into Nitric Oxide in our bodies naturally. Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator which increases the size of our blood vessels and allows more oxygen flow.  So in short, consuming more nitrates leads to more nitric oxide which means more more oxygen flowing. More oxygen means gaining a small advantage in racing and training. As a side note, the nitrates in beets are converted to nitrites through the saliva. This does not happen instantly so make sure not to use mouthwash or brush your teeth immediately after consuming.

Since being introduced to beet juice at the expo in Knoxville, I have not only become a firm believer in the product but I also had the opportunity to work closely with Doug and the Beet Performer team in designing a better juice for athletes. Beet Performer is now my juice of choice! It comes in 8oz cans in two options: Beet with B12 and Beet with Passion Fruit Juice. I have 1 can in the morning on all of my hard training days, so about 5 days a week. I also make sure to have Beet Performer leading up to races… the cans make it portable and convenient.

No, beet juice is not going to make you dramatically faster. However, it can give the extra endurance edge we are all looking for in racing and training. Plus, it is full of vitamins and minerals that keep the body healthy and strong.

Beet Performer gave away 6000 cans at last weekend’s BolderBOULDER Expo. Based on how quickly the cans disappeared from the table it appears word is out about the benefits of beet juice! Give it a try.

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