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Ecuador Finish

The past month has been pretty filled with traveling, racing, and a little bit of training. I first raced NYC triathlon on July 19th, a race I have always wanted to do but one that never fit my schedule. I first have to thank Katherine Kelly Lang for helping me with accommodations in the Big Apple. Whole Foods, Starbucks, and transition were about 0.5mi away from my hotel so it was pretty convenient to say the least!

I arrived on Friday in the evening, which is one day later than I usually arrive because I knew training would be limited in the city. This would be my first Olympic distance race of the year so I was not really sure how I would go. I made a mistake during the swim choosing the far left line instead of swimming far right where the current was much faster. I worked my way back over and finally caught the first woman by the end of the downstream swim. I exited T1 in 1st place and rode with Alicia Kaye for 15km before she dropped me. I then rode alone into T2. The run started off well but at mile 4 I struggled with a cramp to the finish line. I was still happy to finish 2nd place and to compete in such a well-known event. Not everyday can you run down 72nd Ave in a bathing suit. The experience was unreal and I suggest this race for everyone!

I came back to Boulder and took a few days to recover from the race and travel. I got in about 12 days of good training and then I was off to Waterloo, WI for Trek World on August 2nd. Trek dealers from around the globe were invited to Trek Factory for a few days of demoing the 2016 bikes, looking at new Bontrager gear, and getting to meet the people who make things happen at Trek. I was fortunate enough to be one of a few athletes invited to take part in the event. It was very cool to speak with the engineers designing the Speed Concept and to give face-to-face feedback. It was pretty much a surreal experience for a bike enthusiast! Also, Trek spoiled everyone with awesome dinners, great wine, and a good time. I hope to be back next year.

I flew back to Boulder on the 4th and was off to Ecuador for the 70.3 the next morning. My trip was Denver-Miami-Quito (overnight)- Manta. I arrived in Quito at 8PM local time and I thought my flight was at 6AM the next morning to Manta. I stayed at a small hotel near the airport so I could have a quick transition in Quito. A woman at the hotel informed me that 1830 was 6:30PM not AM and that I needed to book another half day at the hotel. Of course at this point I was stressed because I needed to do some training since I did not do much the week before. I assumed I would be in Manta very early and would get in everything I needed; however, I had to make a new plan. So, the next morning in Quito I unpacked my Speed Concept and hoped to find a place to ride. Around the hotel were cobblestone roads and stray dogs so that was not an option. I decided to backtrack to the airport and ride around it. Airport roads are usually pretty nice and not too busy so that was the plan. After riding I packed my bike back up again to fly to Manta and then did a short run avoiding as many dogs as possible.


I finally got to Manta around 8:30PM and immediately went to swim in the hotel pool like a crazy triathlete. Why do we all think we have to train so much!? Anyways, the pool was absolutely beautiful and immediately wiped away any stress that was lingering.


Friday and Saturday were pretty low key and I met some very welcoming folks from Quito who were racing as well. I met some excited children who were fans of the sport already!


One person I met offered to have his personal driver sag while we previewed the course on the bike—how awesome is that? I had the opportunity to be a part of the pro panel and enjoyed that.

IMG_2506  IMG_2501

Race day came and I actually felt ready to go. I usually have a hard time relaxing and sleeping at races but I think I was so tired mentally coming into the race that it was easy to rest. My body was rested and I was due for a solid 70.3 performance. I ended up having one of my best races ever. I swam solo off the front, rode steady coming into T2 in second place, and then I ran strong and did not have any bonking issues or leg fatigue which is a first for me in 70.3.


I was extremely excited to cross the line first and also to be a part of the inaugural event. There were 30,000 spectators on course and the energy was something I have never experienced so far in my racing career. I loved it! I then enjoyed drinks and lunch with the other pros thanks to the Poseidon hotel. I also met some really great pros that I had never raced with before. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.


I flew back to Quito Monday morning and then explored around a bit. Then it was back to Boulder on Tuesday.

Now I am going to have a solid 5-week training block before racing again. I had a change in coaches after NYC triathlon and I am now working with Simon Lessing, Darren DeReuck and Lisa Lessing. They have a coaching business called Boulder Coaching and they all 3 work together to make the best program possible. I am really enjoying the new style of training and also having the opportunity to train with more age group athletes. My next race will be Ironman 70.3 Cozumel.

Thank you for staying up to date in my racing! And thank you to my family, friends, and sponsors for keeping me happy, healthy, and able to race consistently.