St. Anthony’s Tri, Wildflower, & Challenges


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leading out of the water at Wildflower

This year has started off with a lot of challenges. After racing Panama on January 31st I came back to Boulder and I was sick for an entire month. It was frustrating because all I wanted to do was prepare for the season but my body did not want to function properly. The entire month of January I basically wasn’t sleeping. I would go 3-4 days without ever falling asleep and I was trying to train normally and told myself I was just being crazy. I pushed through; raced Panama but did terribly, and then came back and was plagued with sickness.

I decided to not race IRONMAN 70.3 Monterrey in March because I was not ready. The sleeping issues continued and I got sick again in March so I decided not to race IRONMAN 70.3 New Orleans and instead go back home to Charleston, South Carolina to help my mom post-surgery and to simply recharge. Obviously my body was telling me something and I thought it was best to leave altitude and the triathlon scene to be at home with my family. While I was home I started sleeping better but only because I was loading up on sleep aids every night.

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From Charleston I went to Clermont, FL to see my best friend and to have a short prep in the heat for St. Anthony’s Triathlon. Once again, my sleeping pattern was screwed so I tried meditation, cutting back on coffee, and trying to just relax. I went to St. Anthony’s and I did not sleep one minute the Friday and Saturday before the race. Somehow on race day I pulled together a decent result (3rd), finishing just behind Rinny, but I was not happy with my performance.

rinny and Lauren

I got a crazy idea to sign up for Wildflower 6 days later as it looked like a fun experience and I wanted to get a better result. The week leading to Wildflower I slept 2 nights and then I did not sleep for 3 days before the race. When I say no sleeping, I do not mean waking up a lot and being restless. I literally did not sleep at all the days leading up to the race. I probably had the worst race of my career on Saturday at Wildflower but was shocked I even finished.

Right now I am pretty broken down. I have no idea what is going on with my body. I wish it was an injury that I could rehab or something that I could be proactive with and actually fix. Unfortunately, I have no control over my brain and falling asleep. When Ambien doesn’t knock you out then you know you have a problem. I am seeing a specialist in Boulder and hopefully we find something in my lab work that pinpoints an issue that I can actively fix.

I will not race Chattanooga 70.3 and instead I will focus on getting healthy, mentally recharged, and fit in time for Escape from Alcatraz.

Thank you for the support even in the hard times!

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the path is never straight, but we keep moving forward