Getting the best out of ourselves in 2017



Happy 2017 everyone! I hope you all are motivated, happy, and ready to better yourselves from last year. 2016 was not my best year but I was happy to end it on a high with winning IRONMAN 70.3 Cartagena and hosting my family for Christmas here in Boulder, CO. The last 10 weeks have been really satisfying. I have met a lot of new people who have challenged me to go out of my comfort zone. Some examples: repelling off of mountains, doing 4hr trail runs, changing my diet and mindset towards eating, taking risks with investments, trying new forms of exercise, reconnecting with high school friends, and really just growing up. I am determined to make the most out of 2017 and get the best out of myself as well as connecting with others and hopefully inspiring at least one person to live a healthier lifestyle and to be active.


This year I am trying a few new things. First of all I am changing my diet to strictly be plant based. In June I stopped eating dairy, red meat, pork and chicken simply because of a book I read about meat processing and also because dairy made me feel bloated and lethargic. I was a little hesitant of how I was going to get all of the nutrients I needed and enough protein. However, I quickly discovered if you just pay attention to what is going in and keep track of it all then it is simple to get enough. I was eating fish and eggs but once the new year came I wanted to test myself and try out the plant based diet. So far I absolutely love it. I am eating different things that I never would have touched before (lentils, flax, chia, chard, bok choy, garbanzo beans, kale, quinoa). If you are interested in trying out plant based eating feel free to contact me.

Also I am implementing Pure Barre into my workout routine. People ask me what exactly Pure Barre is and I cannot even explain it. It is not yoga or pilates or weight lifting. It is a full body workout with small isometric movements. On top of a great workout, the music is awesome and I leave with a smile after ever session. I have met so many empowering women (and men) in class and I just cannot give it up. It was easier in the off season to fit it in but now that full training is back in session it is hard. I refuse to stop going though because it makes me so happy and I really think it is great for injury prevention and obviously to look good!

©Wagner Araujo /

©Wagner Araujo /

Another thing I am doing this year is MAT- Muscles Activation Techniques. I am working with Paul Lugar at Colorado Athletic Club. He is helping fix my muscular imbalances, joint mobility, and overall range of motion. So far I am liking the results and swim/bike/run are all benefiting from it. I also will continue to get massage once a week and try my best to stay injury free this year. Also, I will continue working with Boulder Coaching- Simon Lessing, Lisa Lessing and Darren DeReuck for 2017. We have some new people in the group so training is tough and fun.

My season kicks off on April 23rd at IRONMAN Peru 70.3. I raced in Lima my first year racing PRO and won my first race there. I am so excited to go back being a little bit older to appreciate the culture and beauty of the city. My complete race schedule will be posted soon so please check back. I hope everyone has an amazing year— be open to change and let your body adapt. Smile and enjoy the process.

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