3 Races, 3 Weekends, 3 Countries


Summer is here! I just got back from doing 3 races in 3 weekends in 3 countries with a return to Boulder each time in between. I knew this would be a challenge when I signed up for it. My coaches voiced their concerns, but I felt strongly I wanted to try. I have never raced three weekends in a row or even two 70.3s in a month, but I wanted to see how my fitness could sustain me.

My passport got a workout! 

After my misfortune at IM 70.3 Monterrey (flat and fall), I felt like I needed to race sooner than later so I registered for IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria while at the airport leaving Monterrey! I felt pretty good leading into Victoria and I was full of confidence. Well, little did I know, I would freeze and suffer all day long. I finished in 3rd. It was not the race I had hoped for, but the cold temperatures really did not suit me. It shook me and I wondered how I would fare racing twice more, with Escape from Alcatraz Tri up next.

Pre-race run in the beautiful city of Victoria!

I had a mental reset and received words of encouragement from my coaches during the days in between. I basically rested and ate a ton of carbs leading up to Alcatraz. I was so grateful to have the support of my three main sponsors, Trek, HOKA, and TYR at the event so everything was easy leading up to race day.

I had one of my best performances ever and came away with the win at Escape. It was a very emotional and happy victory! I am still a bit on cloud 9 from winning the race as it is something I have wanted and worked toward for six years. There was no time to celebrate though, as I rushed off to the airport after the race without even showering!

After returning to Boulder I had just three days to unpack and repack before I set off for IRONMAN 70.3 Costa Rica. This was the inaugural event in Playa del Coco. My body was really feeling the effects of the effort I put out at Alcatraz. But Wilbur Anderson and his crew nailed it with the execution of this race. This is really notable for a first year event so kudos to them!

I put out my best effort in the heat and humidity and finished in 2nd place.

As I reflect on these crazy few weeks, I am so happy I followed through and completed all of the events regardless of how I felt on the day. I met so many people who were truly amazed with the sport and simply loved asking me questions about my passion. Next for me is a solid few weeks of training and then off to the Big Apple for NYC Tri!