5 Tips for a More Energized Life


Photo credit: Island House Invitational Triathlon 

1. Drink a large glass of water as soon as you wake up

Usually I would hydrate with a very large cup of coffee as soon as I stepped out of bed. Very soon after I would crash again! I started drinking a large glass of water as soon as I get up to hydrate at the cellular level so that I have a lot of energy to start the day.

2. Check resting HR before getting out of bed

The typical athlete mindset is to always push no matter what. I check my resting HR every morning to make sure my body is ready to train. If my HR is 8-10bpm over my normal resting HR (42bpm) then I talk to my coach and we adjust the training to something easier or a complete day off.

3. Eat more frequently

I have always had a strange relationship with food. I love food, don’t get me wrong. However, I have this mindset engrained into me that skinny is fast. Constantly I am trying to avoid snacking or heavy meals. After changing coaches, I was taught why I need to fuel constantly and that actually in the end I will be leaner if I eat more during training and after training. I have implemented this into my daily routine/training and I now know why this is so important. The only downside is my grocery bill!

4. Follow a plant-based diet

I changed to a plant based diet to avoid ingesting hormones from animal products. The mass production of animal products in the US require the use of steroid hormones to increase growth rate. I feel more energized, sleep much deeper and uninterrupted, experience less inflammation, no more bloating, and my skin cleared up.


5. Meditate

Life is so busy and my mind is always stimulated. Like many others, I can feel overwhelmed. I have started meditating 10min a day to train my mind to switch off and let go of all of the stress I have accumulated. Deep breathing and focusing on mind+body awareness have helped me feel refreshed and calm.

Photo credit: HOKA One One