2015 Plans, Schedule, and Partnerships

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This winter I have decided to stay in Boulder, CO and train while others have migrated to warmer climates. I had the opportunity to head back to Clermont, FL and stay with a husband and wife that are basically family. However, I decided it was best for me to stay at altitude and under Dave’s watchful eyes. A lot of … Read More

Make it pop…your stride that is


When I first started running in college I chose my annual pair of running shoes solely based off of what color they were. It didn’t matter really because I was only running recreationally and I had no idea of injury prevention. Minimalist, racing flat, trail shoe, stability shoe, neutral shoe. They were all the same to me. In 2009, I … Read More

Norma Tec PRO


I use my Norma Tec every day for injury prevention and to maximize performance. My schedule is extremely hectic and I am traveling almost every other weekend for half of the year. When I am not racing, I am training 20-25hours a week with large amount of stress on my lower body. After getting to try the Norma Tec recovery … Read More