How to do the Holidays right

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This time of year is always crazy. Historically, I personally push hard to stretch my season out through the end of November/early December. If I can stay 70% fit and avoid consuming too many pumpkin spice lattes then I can usually have 1 or 2 good races late in the year. It can be pretty tough to stay motivated and … Read More

Why I Juice


Racing endurance sports is hard. It is demanding of time, mental strength, and of course the body. As athletes we are always looking for that extra edge to get us closer to the next level without having to invest more time and energy into training. As a professional especially, as this is my full-time job, I am constantly doing research … Read More

Balancing High Performance and Diet


The balance between high performance and diet is a very touchy subject for most athletes. I hate to say this but I am pretty confident that a very high percentage of endurance athletes have an unhealthy relationship with food. Just in my training group alone we are constantly talking about losing weight, banning appetizers and desserts from group dinners, our … Read More

Tracking health improvements with BlueprintFit


As a professional triathlete, it is important to figure out the equation to be as lean and strong as possible, but still have enough energy stores to meet the high demands of training, racing, recovering, and traveling. At the end of 2016, I decided to implement a plant-based diet. I read a lot about endurance athletes switching over to this … Read More

2017 Year (of health) in Review


2017 has been one to remember. The year started on such a big high and ended at a low but honestly it was a year I would never change. January started off cold being based in Boulder but I had a really fun and motivating training group to get me through the snowy days. At that time, I also decided … Read More

A Day in My Plant-Based Diet


  I have had a lot of interest in my switch to plant-based eating while training at a high level.  I decided to switch to a plant-based diet in January. The past eight months have been so much fun though, trying new foods and figuring out how to get the nutrients I need from plants to perform at the highest … Read More