Join me!

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As some people are winding down their seasons, I feel like mine is just getting started. I still have 4 trips left for the year! Below is the rest of my schedule for 2013. If anyone is planning on racing any of the following events please message me because I would love to make time to say hello! Sept 22- … Read More

I have arrived to the “Dirty T”

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So I am just now deep into week 2 in Tucson. From 5am-9am the weather is absolutely beautiful; high 70s, sunny, and dry. At 9:01am though it goes from 79-110F in matter of seconds. It is strange. I have adapted to the conditions though and I am making it work. I feel like I am on the same schedule as … Read More



CLERMONT, FL vs TUCSON, AZ So I have been out in Tucson, AZ for a week now training. As most of you know, I have been training in Clermont, FL for the past 22 months. Both Tucson and Clermont are known “tri meccas”. Both places have some things I like and dislike. SWIMMING Clermont Rating: 9/10 has only one pool, … Read More


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The last 3 weeks I have been in Charleston, SC trying hard to mentally take a break from sport and enjoy the things that I did not get to enjoy during the majority of the year. My family and college friends quickly informed me that I am not normal. When I am in Florida I am surrounded by athletes and … Read More

Next up Venice Beach, FL


On October 27th, I will be traveling down to Venice Beach in Sarasota, FL for the Rev3 Finale. This is only a 2.5 hour drive away from my home base Clermont, FL. I am looking forward to racing at the beach and so close to home! I will go down and check the course out the week with fellow Floridian … Read More